Ecomagnet and Wattson, winners of the MUBIL Mobility Awards

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Ecomagnet and Wattson took first and second place in the MUBIL Mobility Awards, pipping some other outstanding shortlisted projects at the post, such as Asimob, Bia Power, Ox Motorcycles and Proven. The announcement was made by the jury panel for the first MUBIL Mobility Awards at the event held in the Tabakalera building.
Ecomagnet works on the retrieval and processing of obsolete electric motor materials to obtain rare earths for the manufacture of permanent magnets, which are essential components for new electric engines. To date the method used to obtain the magnets is an extremely costly and polluting system, and so Ecomagnet has devised a process based on the circular economy to make use of discarded components and obtain powder to make permanent magnets. This means the manufacturing process will not pollute, it will be a low-cost process that can be carried out in Spain, and it can make use of this kind of waste. 
Madrid company Wattson seeks to overcome one of the obstacles to the development of electric vehicles. They have come up with a mobile recharging system based on a transportable storage system, so that it will be possible to send an electric charging station to wherever it may be required. The project chiefly targets both end users and companies operating fleets of vehicles, and has already secured the backing of Porsche Iberia.
The two winning projects will be added to the MUBIL ecosystem to develop the systems over the next year, with a work space and cash prizes of 25,000 and 10,000 euros respectively.