Finalists 2023


A platform for car sharing with people who live and work or study nearby

It is an initiative that aims to transform private vehicles into something collaborative for daily journeys. The platform connects people who live and work or study close to each other so that they can share journeys by car and transport costs. In this way the occupancy times of the vehicles is optimised, giving access to this means of transport to those who do not have their own car, and reducing transport emissions while decongesting roads and improving the quality of life of city inhabitants (saving money).
Our app enables people to easily configure their weekly routine, both drivers and passengers, and then the algorithm connects them depending on their route and schedules. As for the technology we have developed, we are constantly improving in order to offer a product that is easy to use and can ensure a fluid experience for users. Our hope is that when someone considers car sharing, they will want to use us because it would be the simplest and fastest way to do it. The overall goal of Hoop Carpool is to develop a car sharing system based on mathematical algorithms that enable an optimisation of the assignments among users (drivers and passengers), and journeys.