Finalists 2023


To make light electric mobility a reality thanks to a global battery charging and swapping solution.

The SMOBERY project proposes a global, sustainable and open solution for the management and charging of light vehicle batteries: motorcycles and mopeds, electric bicycles and scooters.  Global, thanks to its B2C and B2B perspective. A comprehensive solution because it includes both charging and swapping, the mobile App, a Backend for controlling the network, battery analytics and network optimisation, and a retrofit service for existing installations. Sustainable, because from the start it includes the future standard socket promoted by the SBMC -the Swappable Batteries Motorcycle Consortium-, and because of its adaptability and scalability. And it is open to being a multi-vehicle, multi-battery and multi-brand solution. Thus, our proposal offers society an innovative solution to face the main challenge presented by light mobility: the limited autonomy of vehicles and the long charging and waiting times required for having a charged battery ready for use. Promoting more rational and sustainable mobility, reducing the carbon footprint, extending the use of electric mobility and optimising battery management.